In 2015, we created an electronic lock and an automated, self-service bike-sharing system in a Copenhagen home basement. Since then, we've been taking that system on a ride around the world, while aiming to turn the bicycle into the hero of public transportation and a catalyst for greener, more liveable and less traffic-congested cities.

Join us

Building the future of mobility is not quite as easy as riding a bike, but we're confident that, with the right team, we'll be able to turn everybody and their mothers into urban cyclists and spread bike love the world over. That is why we are currently looking for:

Meet the Donkey Squad

Donkey Republic is a great big community of bike lovers scattered all over the world. Still, its core is stationed in a spirited Copenhagen office, where we burn the midnight oil to bring you an ever better product and experience. So here we are, the people behind the blood, sweat and tears: