What We Offer


Option A: share private business bikes

Donkey Republic offers a simple system: a smartlock, an app, and management platform. Now, any bike can be turned into a share-bike, within minutes. Users download Donkey App, and can find and unlock bikes with Donkey Locks.

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In addition, Donkey Republic can help you procure a great bike for sharing at your business, together with Ebsen Bikes


OPTION B: Subscribe to public bike share service

Donkey Republic is starting city bike shares, starting with Copenhagen. See the areas we are planning to cover, and sign up your employees to have access to public Donkeys. Public Donkeys are perfect way to help commuters switch to public transport - using a Donkey after the train to complete their journey!

Contact us to subscribe your company to public Donkeys!

How It Works


Once you turn on the Donkey App, you can see all the bikes you can use on a map. You can reserve them for a while, or simply walk to one, and unlock it. After using a bike, you can lock it anywhere, and it will be ready for the next person.