Register to the Donkey Platform

Before you get going...

We are thrilled that you're considering to list bikes on the Donkey Republic platform. 

We want to make sure you have realistic expectations and are satisfied with the system. You may be wanting to list just one bike and not care much about the revenue you will generate, or you may be running a fleet of hundreds - even thousands of bikes. The Donkey Republic platform is great for bike owners with any fleet size, and any ambition. 

If you want to make a good business with Donkey Bikes, please reflect on the following:

  • Who will be your customers? Make sure you have a clear target customer group, whether it be tourists, regular visitors, or even business users.
  • How will you reach out to them? We will help you with resources and some marketing, but you will need to do some local legwork to market your Donkeys, for example to establish hotels as affiliate partners.
  • Who will visit your bikes - at least once a week - and fix any issues with them? You must have enough time and dedication to maintain your Donkey Bikes and keep them in good working order.

You can always get some Donkeys and do some test runs in real life to get started. Reflecting on these questions will help you make an initial plan that you need to expand your fleet if you choose. Moreover, we encourage you to read our FAQs for Bike Owner.

If you like, read through the Business Case section below to plan what your Donkey business will look like, financially. 


Feeling ready?


By filling out this short form (~5 mins), you will register on our platform. We collect this initial information to invite you into the system and get you started with listing your bikes. You are welcome to contact us with specific questions - but we'd like to to have your registration information to provide you with better answers. 


Order kits and other accessories that we offer. Our goal is to deliver these to you as cheaply as possible in order to focus on growing the rental business together. The Donkey locks are designed to suit all standard bike types. If there are problems with the kits, we will replace them for you, and if you decide to return them for whatever reason before you start to use them, we will take them back and refund you all but shipping costs. 

The Donkey Kit contains:

  • The Donkey lock. 
  • Frame stickers and side ads which help the Riders locate the bikes on the street.
  • The handlebar panel that has the name of the bike, and helps riders to book the bike.

Normally, we ship the kit(s) within 30 days upon your order. 

Along with the Donkey Kit, we have some accessories to make your Donkified bike safer and more attractive. 

  • Quick release adjustment for seat: Bike riders come in all shapes and sizes therefore having a quick release for the seat will help them to find the optimal seat height and have a pleasant ride.
  • Plug-in Chain: We provide you with a 5mm steel chain that is fixed to the bike frame on one end, and to the lock on the other. This provides additional security against theft and gives the Rider peace of mind.
  • Lights: Most countries have traffic laws regarding visibility of cyclists, so make sure your Donkey Riders are safe and sound. The best lights for Donkey Bikes are magnet lights that automatically turn on when you start pedaling. It's a simple system that means you don't have to worry about cabling or batteries.



The Business Case

Donkey Republic and Bike Owners negotiate the appropriate price for a 24 hour rental in the Bike Owner's market / city. We offer rentals for 2 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours and up to 30 days. The prices for all the other time options than 24 hours is fixed by a static index set by Donkey Republic. Let's take an example from pricing in Copenhagen: we charge 12 Euro for 24h, 10 Euro for 12h, 8 Euro for 6h and 6 Euro for 2h.  The bike owner can however set prices for non-standard bikes. You can see the pricing index on this page with some examples. 

Revenue Split

The revenue is divided between Donkey Republic and the Bike Owners. Bike Owners receive 80% of the revenue. Donkey Republic receive the 20 percent share. The same proportion is applied to relocation fees and charges for the stolen bikes.

Revenue from deals made with affiliates such as hotels, airlines, tourism operators and bus lines will be split at the same proportion (80%-20%) after deducting the affiliate’s share. For example if a hotel takes 10% from each rider they bring, and the rent is 12 euros, the hotel receives 1.2 euro. The rest of the 10.8 euro is shared accordingly: partners cut is 80% which is 8.64 euro, Donkey Republic takes 20% which is 2.16 euro.

If you are looking to start a business give us a shout! Anyone with more than five bikes is considered to be a priority partner. The Donkey Republic Crew will guide you and support you throughout all the implementation stages. Just drop us an email with the subject line 'I want to run a Donkey hub' at and we’ll pick it up from there.


Read more on how to set wheels in motion