We enjoy seeing newcomers fall in love with cycling in Copenhagen, as we all did the first time we saddled up.

Now, finding a good bike for your stay as an exchange student in Copenhagen is not as easy as, uhm, riding a bike. A new one is expensive, you can't always trust a second-hand one, you have to maintain it, deal with selling it at the end of your term, all that.

What if you could rent a sturdy, smart bike for as long as you need it? One that you lock / unlock with your phone, and don't have to maintain (you get a new one if something happens to yours)? Bingo! Follow these steps and get your ride:

1. Register on donkey.bike

2. Submit the form below so we can set your discounted membership


Name *
e.g. CBS, KU, DTU

Some things you might ask yourself at this point

  • You pay for the bike via credit/debit card, after we set your membership and discount (60% off the total rental price). 
  • You can rent it for less than 5 months if you want - check the available periods on donkey.bike.
  • You book, find, unlock and lock your bike with the Donkey Republic mobile app (works with iOS 8+ and Android 4.3+).
  • We make sure you get a bike that fits you.
  • You pick up your bike from a convenient location, close to your university.
  • You can keep the bike for your entire stay and only have to return it at the pickup location when your rental period ends. 
  • If something happens to the bike, you just let us know and we switch you to another one.

Still not sure this is the best thing you could do to become a true Copenhagener? Tell us your concerns at yeehaw@donkeyrepublic.com and we'll clear things up for you.