Rent Your Bikes Automatically


No more dealing with customers, stay open 24/7 and place the bikes right where they get rented.

Renting out a fleet of bikes? Or want to get into this business? Join the Donkey platform. Donkey Republic brings you the technology, the Riders and the  best practices in running the automated bike rental business, so you will succeed.


The Donkey Kit


The Donkey Kit contains the very basics that allows any bike to become rentable anytime, anywhere.

In the kit you will find, the Donkey lock, a front handlebar panel, side panels, stickers and marketing materials.

The Donkey lock is produced in a close collaboration with AXA Security where they provide the hardware parts of the lock and we provide the software, so that it works perfectly with our system.  

The ring lock is plugged on the bike frame and locks the back wheel. The panels and the stickers help Riders identify the bike on the street and confirm that it is the right bike thanks to the name on the infopanel. 

We know of other products that could help you and Riders. For security purposes, you may want to use a chain, magnetic lights, seat adjustment quick release and security nuts. All add-on products that Donkey Republic gained experience and can help you with.


Get Started

Donkey platform is geared to take care of your rental business. We support you in all aspects of the rentals from establishing sales partners to best practices in bicycle maintenance. This is where the journey starts... Get in touch and learn more about how you can start renting out your bikes via the Donkey Republic platform.