Launch your business with Donkey. Start with the Pilot.


Welcome to the  where you can purchase the Donkey Kit to get started with your pilot test.

This page is indeed for the purchase of few Donkey Kit units to test them out. If you want to purchase 10 or more Kits and/ or if you also need to purchase accessories in addition to the Kit(s), you can order that on our Official web-shop.

We are focused on selling these merchandise at cost in order to get you started and join our platform.


Donkey Kit for Pilot test

Purchase your Donkey Kit(s) and kickstart your pilot test.

Each Kit cost 100 EUR and it contains:

  • 1 Donkey Lock

The Donkey lock is produced in a close collaboration with AXA Security where they provide the hardware parts of the lock and we provide the software so that it works perfectly with our system. 

  • Special mounting strips to mount the lock on any frame
  • Handlebar panel
  • Side-ads to mount on bikes
  • Donkey stickers
  • Flyers and Foldable Ads to place on desks.

Everything you need in order to Donkify your bike.

Everything you need in order to Donkify your bike and start your rental business with us.

Upon request, also design for beach flags and roll-up banner can be shared with you, for you to print.

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