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Rent Your Bikes Automatically



No more dealing with customers, stay open 24/7 and place the bikes right where they get rented.

Renting out a fleet of bikes? Or want to get into this business? Join the Donkey platform. Donkey Republic brings you the technology, the Riders and and best practices in running the automated bike rental business, so you will succeed.


The Donkey Kit


The Donkey Kit contains the basics: the Donkey lock, a front handlebar panel, and stickers. The Donkey lock is plugged on the bike frame and locks the back wheel. The stickers help Riders identify the bike on the street and confirm that it is the right bike thanks to the name on the panel. 

We know of other products that could help you and Riders. For security purposes, you may want to use a chain connected to the bike frame on one end, and the lock on the other. Automatic lights, seat adjustment quick release, phone holder, GPS tracker are all add-on products that Donkey Republic gained experience and can help you with.


How It Works


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